Upravit stránku

01–11/11/2019 // National Horse Fair


“When, at the Golegã Fair, a farmer drives a pair away, the “marialva” presumptuousness is not the only thing that is travelling by. It is that, the pair of beasts and the landscape that parade before us, a perfect combination of what is rational, irrational and natural. ”

“Portugal” by Miguel Torga

The famous Golegã’s Horse Fair, in November, with more than 440 years of history, remains the stage for all kinds of meetings around the horse. Both noble and popular, whose patron was always St. Martin, is currently the largest and best known commercial hub of all horse breeds raised in Portugal, but above all, a showcase of the thoroughbred Lusitano.

The route of the Fair always agrees naturally with the town history. It intersects the past with the present. From the Ribatejo region with picturesque landscapes is strengthened year after year, always under the taste and aroma of roasted chestnuts. In the 21st century, the Fair bets on modernity, without ever leaving part of what distinguishes and elevates: the symbiosis with tradition.