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Waregem Koerse

26–28/04/2019 // CPEDI International

International Para-Equestrian Competition with closing ceremony with federal mounted police

23/06/2019 // Carriage elegance tour

Some 30 carriages part are graded by a professional jury and an audience of spectators. An ideal parade to enjoy grace and style of the carriages, their horses and the drivers.

03–04/08/2019 // National Eventing l’Equino

Multi-day eventing competition with a high spectacle content. Sport.Vlaanderen and castle park Casier Nokere.

27/08/2019 // Waregem Koerse

One of the most important sporting events in Belgium attracts a crowd of over 35.000 people. The event is an ideal mixture of sport, recreation, meetings and networking. The Waregem Koerse Hat competition is renowned all over Belgium.

17/11/2019 // Traditional Festival of Saint Hubert (hunting)

Communion service and animal blessing on market place. Over 100 horses receive the blessing.